Retail Barcode Images

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Retail Barcode Images (EAN-13) or (UPC-A) – Images for retail barcodes. Please Go to large order for bulk EAN-13 purchasing

ITF-14 Carton codes – Images for Cartons or Boxes, which hold retail products.
NOTE ITF14 carton barcodes are used for boxes which are for transport and storage, and are NOT sold complete at retail level. If the carton is sold complete at retail level, it needs a Retail Barcode Image

Look here for CD barcodes, DVD barcodes, ISBN book barcodes and ISSN magazine barcodes.

Other type of Barcode codes


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EAN-13 Barcodes – For retail products outside of the USA and Canada

EAN-13 International Article Numbers, formerly EAN (European Article Numbers) comprise 13-digits. They are used worldwide on all retail products excluding books and magazines. They are the most widely used barcodes globally with the exception of in the USA and Canada where UPC-A(Universal Product Codes) barcodes are more common. Each EAN-13 is product-specific and encoded into a barcode image. This means that when the barcode is scanned into store systems, price and inventory data related to your product is recorded. A different EAN-13 number, therefore, is required for each unique product.


UPC-A Barcodes – For products selling in the USA and Canada

UPC-A (* but some Egyptian customers found UPC-A is easier to scan in the shops of their retailers)

12-digit UPC Barcodes are used predominantly in the USA and Canada on all retail products, with the exception of books and magazines



ITF-14 Barcodes – For carton and box of your products


ITF-14 Carton Codes are created from EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes. They are only used in warehouses on cartons containing a specific quantity of the item that the product barcode represents. They should not be used for any products that are for sale individually at a retail level.


ISBN Book Barcodes – For book


International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) are barcodes for both hard copy and e-books. ISBNs usually start with 978 and are distributed by ISBN agencies in each country (see They can also be obtained through independent publishing agencies such, used for self-publishing authors.
Note: Crossword, puzzle and colouring books are not published books so do not use ISBN barcodes. They use standard retail barcodes (EAN or UPC).


ISSN Magazine Barcodes – For magazine

ISSN An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique 8-digit number used to identify periodical publications such as magazines and journals. They can be applied for at



Only apply for an ISSN if your publications meet the following criteria:

  • They are serials (journals, newspapers, magazines, monographic series etc.)
  • They are ongoing integrating resources (websites, databases etc.)


QR-code – For name card , advertising and invitation card

QR Code









Dynamic-QR-code – For advertising and invitation

Dynamic QR Code












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