DYNAMIC QR Code Images

A QR Codes (Quick Response Code – QR Barcodes) are the most popular type of 2D “matrix barcode”. They can be read easily by smartphones & camera phones (if they have a barcode scanner app or compatible camera app). These are scanned by smartphones and have a variety of different functions. The most common function is to automatically link the smartphone to the encoded URL (Website link-Uniform Resource Locator) when scanned. Therefore, here we provide the QR-code image with our redirection service- People call it “Dynamic QR-code”.

Here you can purchase Dynamic QR Code images. These will be emailed through to you in 5 different formats (Bmp, Eps,Tif, Jpeg, Pdf) once the order has been received.

To be able to do this, we need the URL that you want to be linked with the QR code.  Please decide how many QR codes you need, add that quantity to Cart. Then at the checkout page enter the  URL you want to be linked into the “Additional information” box on the checkout page.

  • To ensure your physical QR code has a longer life span, we recommend programming your QR code with a QR redirect. This allows you to redirect your QR code to different links in the future, multiple times, without changing the physical QR code, but you can change the URL linked to the QR-code anytime with a little fee. It also allows you to monitor traffic from the QR code (additional fee will include). This is the main reason why you need to buy a Dynamic QR-code from us (but please remember that you need to pay annual redirection fees after the first 2 years).
  • If you need a fixed redirection to a URL without paying additional fees (after 2 years or making a change), please refer to our Static QR-code page.
Price per image (EGP) for the first 2-year redirection using our server
Quantity    Price per image
1 EGP 325
2 EGP 275 each
3 EGP 225 each
4 + EGP 162 each
10 + EGP 140 each


– These use our Dynamic QR Code service – to enable the target URL to be changed in the future if required
– Unlimited scans
      * Fair use allowed

– Lifetime redirection
      * Initial purchase includes redirection for 2 years. After this, there is a fee of EGP 200 per year (per QR-code) to continue using our server for redirection.

– Target URL can be changed at any time
      *  Redirection cost is LE171 per change per QR-code. It will take around 3 working days from the time we receive your successful payment and information required for any change of the redirecting URL link, also depending on the time of day/week that we receive your request and payment.

– User tracking available
      * Tracking reports are available at low cost – pricing depends on frequency, complexity of reports, and how many QR Codes are being tracked




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